Township Art Collection

The township owns hundreds of pieces of art and actively seeks to add to the collection.

Sculpture Plaza

The new sculpture plaza at the Millburn Free Public Library, spearheaded by the Art Advisory Committee, is spacious and ready for visitors to enjoy.   With its new lighting and landscaping and flanked by sculptures, it is proving to be a popular addition to the town.


Lenny Shapiro

Rotare“, a stainless steel sculpture by Lenny Shapiro, was acquired by the Art Advisory Committee and presented to the town on October 12, 2013.  It joins “Inspiration” in front of the library in the currently under construction new sculpture courtyard.

Here is some more information from The Item and The Alternative Press about it.

Rotare 3

“Rotare” by Lenny Shapiro

Julie Joy Saypoff

Julie Joy Saypoff’s outdoor sculpture graces the front of the library.

“Inspiration” by Julie Joy Saypoff

Read more about “Inspiration” from the Star-Ledger, and Patch.

Lisa Ringelspagh-Irvine

In 2011, Wells Fargo Bank donated artwork by Lisa Ringelspagh-Irvine to the township.   Read more on Patch.

The Old Mill by Paul H. Weidner

The Old Mill, a  painting of the original Millburn Mill was presented to Millburn Township by the Art Advisory Committee on August  24, 2010.  Refurbished by the committee, the 1940s painting had been donated by the son of the artist, Dr Dan Weidner and  now hangs in Millburn Town Hall.

Old mill

The Old Mill by Paul H. Weidner (photo by Maren Less)

According to the Item: “Dr. Weidner said the painting reflected Millburn as his father saw it during the time period when they first came to the township. He quoted from the poem We Are Seven, speaking of how, like in the poem, his family members were all there during the painting’s presentation in their own way, particularly his sister Gisela, who recently passed away. He explained how his sister, then  in her youth, was painted in by their father as the figure standing on a bridge adjacent to the mill.”

Edward Dufner

This Edward Dufner painting is one of two owned by the township.

"In the Summertime" by Edward Dufner

“In the Summertime” by Edward Dufner at the Millburn Library

Millburn Landmarks

Each autumn, the Art Advisory Committee hosts a show at the Millburn Library entitled “Millburn Landmarks”. Each exhibition highlights different artworks from the collection.

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