Art Advisory Scholarship Winners Information can be found below:

Yael Bloom
Junior Award of Merit, 2015
Senior Scholarship Award, 2016

Erica Einhorn
Junior Award of Merit, 2016

Morgan Gruer
Senior Scholarship Award, 2012
Morgan was the AACs Artist in Residence in 2016.  In 2017, her short animation was screened at the Point of Origin Event.

David Koh
David returned to attend the 2017 Point of Origin Event, exhibiting photographs in the gallery show, and screening his short film “Molly and the Moon”.

Anne Kramer
Junior Award of Merit, 2015
Senior Award of Merit, 2016

Maren Less
Junior Award of Merit, 2009
Senior Scholarship Award, 2010

Emma Quong
Senior Scholarship Award, 2015
Emma has returned to screen her short films at the 2016 and 2017 Point of Origin Events.

Below are stills and her film “Shan • Shui • Shenti (Mountain • Water • Body)”

Calligraphy 3Calligraphy 2Calligraphy 1