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Millburn Film Festival 2016

The Millburn Film Festival premiered Friday April 1st at Millburn High School. The Art Advisory Committee was there to see the winning films, and they were presented to perfection on the new screen and sound system in the auditorium.

Now in its 5th year, festival Coordinators Lynn Farscht and Alyssa Russo once again skillfully presented an evening showcasing local students’ films, complete with red carpet and spotlights.  This year, all filmmakers took to the stage before the films were screened, and winners were announced.  The top winner was “Door After Door” by Jasen Aziz.

MHS Teachers Ellen Krueger and Gabe Rhodes were honored before the screening, with a special video made by some of their current and past students, to celebrate all the influence they have had on fledgling filmmakers over the years.

Once again, all proceeds from the evening  support the Education Foundation of Millburn-Short Hills, which enhances the educational experience of Millburn public school students with their donations.  The Art Committee is proud to once again have been selected to be judges for such an inspiring and entertaining event of student films.

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Emma Quong, Scholarship Winner, at Chicago International Children’s Film Festival 2015

emma quong CCIF

Emma Quong at CICFF

Here’s an excerpt from Emma Quong’s report on her trip to the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival in October:

I just got back from CICFF, and boy has it been an adventure. The attendance itself was small and intimate, mostly due to the fact it was raining and it was also Halloween. It was cozy. The films were quite lovely. CICFF seems to have a soft spot for animation, and the animations presented were great. I was in shock to see the credits. These films had whole production teams behind them! Goes to show the hard work and effort we all put into this art. It puts things in perspective.

Chicago is a beautiful city. I wish to go back there and explore it more. Even though I was only there for a weekend, I was still able to squeeze in deep dish pizza. YUM!

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your support. Thank you for exposing me to this lovely organization.

Kate Rothko at the Millburn Library

Over 150 people thoroughly enjoyed when a warm and invigorating presentation by Kate Rothko and her brother Chris Rothko about their father, abstract artist Mark Rothko, and his career.  This event, at the Millburn Library on Wednesday April 25, 2012, was co-organized by the Millburn-Short Hills Art Advisory Committee, the Millburn Library, and the Brooklyn College Alumni Association.  Abbot Gorin, a trustee of the library and a Brooklyn College Alumni, and Laraine Barach, Chairwoman of the Millburn-Short Hills Advisory Committee, introduced the Rothko siblings.

Kate Rothko at the Millburn Library

Kate Rothko at the Millburn Library (photo credit Tanya Barach)

Kate Rothko presenting a slide of her father's artwork; Abbot Gorin and Laraine Barach (phoro credit Tanya Barach)

Kate Rothko presenting a slide of her father’s artwork; Abbot Gorin and Laraine Barach (photo credit Tanya Barach)

For more information, please click the link for an article on the event:

Classic Films for Kids

The Arts Advisory Committee, in conjunction with Six Week Film Festival, organized a screening of  “Classic Films for Kids” at the Millburn Library in January and February 2012.

2nd Appraisal Day

The Arts Advisory Committee hosted its 2nd Annual Appraisal Day at the Millburn Library on May 1, 2011.    Gurr Johns of NY and London, fine art appraisers, along with local appraisers, helped residents learn the history and value of their possessions.  For a $25 donation to the Art Advisory Committee, visitors were provided with two appraisals.  All proceeds went to the Committee’s annual scholarship fund.

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