2017 Scholarship Judging this week

Judging this year’s portfolios, L to R: Seated – Donna Davis, Andrew Permison, and Orna Greenberg. Standing – Kathleen Harte-Gilsenan (AP Art Instructor MHS), Laraine Barach (committee chair), Judy Kramer, and Amy McGovern. (not pictured and photo credit: Maren Less)

In a year where Spring seems a long time coming, the Art Advisory Committee met Monday at Millburn High School for one of the high points of the season: judging the Advanced Placement students’ portfolios.  This annual event in Kathleen Harte-Gilsenan’s studio classroom is the opportunity to evaluate the pieces the Junior and Senior students have ccreated throughout their high school art career.

This year’s winners will be announced soon, and honored with scholarships and a gala evening in May.



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David Koh: Guest Contributor to May Mentor Exhibition

We are pleased to announce the addition of exclusive photos by David Koh as a guest contributor in our upcoming May Mentors show at the Millburn Library, 200 Glen Avenue, Millburn.

Mr Koh is an award winning internationally recognized filmmaker and past winner of the AAC scholarship.

"Koharpa" by David Koh

“Harpa” by David Koh


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AAC member Oscar Peterson exhibiting at The Center for Contemporary Art

The Center for Contemporary Art in Bedminster, NJ is hosting “Unbound” by Art Advisory Committee member Oscar Peterson. The show was curated by celebrated artist Mel Leipzig, and features 10 major works in oil, displayed in superb surroundings.

Judy Kramer, founding member of AAC, Laraine Barach, chairwoman, and new AAC member Maren Less attended the opening reception to congratulate Oscar and view the work Friday January 13.


Judy Kramer, Oscar Peterson, Laraine Barach and Maren Less at the “Unbound” opening

Oscar Peterson: Unbound
January 13 – February 25
The Center for Contemporary Art,
2020 Burnt Mills Road, Bedminster, NJ 07921

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

As 2016 rolls to an end, the Art Advisory committee is grateful to have had the opportunity to publicly honor some people important to us this month.

Peter Blanchard of Greenwood Gardens and Laraine Barach of the Art Advisory Committee

The Blanchards
of Greenwood Gardens

On December 6th at Millburn Town Hall, the Community Service award was given to Peter and Sofia Blanchard of Greenwood Gardens, as their colleagues from Art Advisory cheered them on. Our successful partnership with Greenwood Gardens gives assistance to many outdoor art projects on their grounds.




Art Advisory Committee member Elaine Becker (r) is honored at the Township Appreciation dinner. Fellow committee member Amy McGovern delivered remarks about Elaine's 18 years of service.

Art Advisory Committee member Elaine Becker (r) is honored at the Township Appreciation dinner. Fellow committee member Amy McGovern delivered remarks about Elaine’s 18 years of service.

Elaine Becker

During the December 13th annual township volunteer appreciation dinner, we recognized longstanding member Elaine Becker, who stepped down after 18 years of service.

As well as making contributions of time and suggestions on exhibits, we have our beautiful Town Seal in good measure through her efforts. The Art Advisory Committee restored rare Harvey Reed nature photos after Elaine brought them to our attention. She has donated time to our Appraisal fundraisers, and artwork to the permanent collection.

Donna Davis, Amy McGovern, Judy Kramer, Andrew Permison and Kathi Hecht at the Township Volunteer Appreciation dinner.

Donna Davis, Amy McGovern, Judy Kramer, Andrew Permison and Kathi Hecht at the Township Volunteer Appreciation dinner.


Elaine Becker’s contributions to the committee have been immeasurable, and we offer her our deepest thanks for her time and energy.

Please see the gallery below for photos of Elaine at Art Advisory Committee Events over the years. Click on any photo to enlarge and start a slideshow.

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Betty Woodman at Greenwood Gardens

Today Greenwood Gardens held a reception honoring the life and history of artist Betty Woodman. Her studios in New York and Italy have produced extraordinary ceramics and bronzes seen in installations around the world, from Liverpool to the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

Founder of Greenwood Gardens Peter Blanchard welcomed curator Patterson Sims and Katarina Jerenic, Betty’s assistant of the past ten years. They presented a powerpoint presentation in slides of Betty Woodman’s studios and exhibitions, including the outstanding and unique eight Greenwood benches exhibit. Promoting art in public spaces as education and inspiration, they are healing places.

Betty Woodman bronze bench

Betty Woodman bronze bench

Greenwood Gardens promises to be a beacon for art in the garden collaborations. We extend our thanks to Greenwood Gardens, and our admiration for Betty Woodman at 83 years old, a great living American artist and her work.

Attending today’s event were Sofia and Peter Blanchard, Laraine Brennan Barach (Art Advisory Chairwoman), Cathy Scorsese (Film producer and member of Art Advisory), Kathi Hecht and Andrew Permison of the Art Advisory Committee, and Michelle Miller from the Historical Society.

Cathy Scorcese and Kathi Hecht, Art Advisory Committee members on a Betty Woodman bench

Cathy Scorcese and Kathi Hecht, Art Advisory Committee members on a Betty Woodman bench

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AAC ushers in Arts and Humanities Month with new proclamation

Millburn-Short Hills Art Advisory Committee

Deputy Mayor Ian Mount with Art Advisory Committee members: Orna Greenberg (partially hidden), Laraine Barach (chair), Oscar Peterson, Elaine Becker, Judy Kramer.


Elaine Becker, Art Advisory Member, at podium, with Ian Mount, Deputy Mayor, and AAC members Orna Greenberg, Oscar Peterson, Judy Kramer, and Laraine Barach, chair.


AAC members: Oscar Peterson, Laraine Barach (chair), Elaine Becker and Judy Kramer


The October 5th Township Committee meeting

The Art Advisory Committee received recognition for its Arts and Humanities Activity this month with a proclamation declaring October as National Arts and Humanities Month in Millburn/Short Hills. This honor is part of a nationwide celebration and as well as a local community milestone.

On October 5th, the committee was honored at Town Hall during the Township Committee meeting, where the following proclamation was read:

Township Of Millburn Proclamation
WHEREAS, the arts and humanities enrich our lives and enhance our communities; and
WHEREAS, the arts and humanities affect every aspect of life in America today, including the economy, social problem solving, job creation, education, creativity and community livability; and
WHEREAS, a statewide coalition of over one thousand arts, history and humanities organizations, including the Art Advisory Committee of Millburn / Short Hills, now form a multi-year public awareness campaign on the availability of the arts and humanities to all Americans; and
WHEREAS, the arts and humanities in New Jersey and the Township of Millburn afford many opportunities for Millburn Township residents to avail themselves of the benefits of the arts and humanities, including the Millburn Township AP Art Scholarship, the Millburn / Short Hills Art Advisory Landmark Art Exhibit, the Greenwood Gardens, and Millburn Art Advisory Committee sponsored outdoor sculpture month to the benefit of our community; and
WHEREAS, the month of October, 2016, has been designated as the thirtieth year of annual Annual National Arts and Humanities Months;
NOW, THEREFORE, I, W. Theodore Bourke, Mayor of the Township of Millburn in The County of Essex, New Jersey hereby proclaim
in the Township of Millburn and encourage residents and others to celebrate and participate in cultural events.
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“Landmarks” Show hung at Millburn Library

Saturday, Oct 1: With help from Nick Rizzo of Nicholas Rizzo Fine Art, the Art Advisory Committee hung the latest “Landmarks” show at the Library.  Located in the gallery lobby, the show is available for viewing whenever the library is open.

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