Announcing the 2021 Art Advisory AP Art Awards

The Art Advisory Committee is proud to continue its long history of celebrating young artists, even in this pandemic year. The AP Art Program under Kathleen Harte Gilsenan is a prized education asset for our High School, providing our art students superb guidance and a unique chance for growth. We celebrate this educational opportunity given the AP Students at Millburn HighSchool. 

As we announce this award, we congratulate the artists listed. We ask of these recipients only that the students remember their roots, their point of origin in Millburn. In the future, the students are asked that when they return to their Point of Origin in Millburn that they show the AAC their new work and tell us how they are doing.

Congratulations to the Millburn AP Artists and AP Art Department!

Laraine Brennan Barach

Millburn-Short Hills Art Advisory Committee Chairwoman


  • Lily Barrack
  • Ceci Muller
  • Caitlin Samson
  • Jacob Updyke
  • Gabrielle Yatco


  • Angela Huang
  • Megan Klein
  • Tiffany Lan
  • Zev Marinoff
  • Chloe Mason
  • Eli Troll
  • Laura Zang

About Millburn-Short Hills Arts Advisory Committee

The Millburn-Short Hills Arts Advisory Committee, a volunteer non-profit, has been in existence since 1998. We are a group of township residents and local advisors who are committed to enhancing the arts in Millburn Township.
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