AAC Presents Scholarship Prizes to Art Winners

Although the traditional Art Advisory Committee Scholarship Ceremony Gala was unable to be held this year, the committee still found a special way to honor the eight award-winning students. Chairwoman Laraine Brennan Barach and committee member Michelle San Filippo delivered gift bags with gift certificates, awards and treats door to door to the homes of the five senior and three junior winners, as well as to HS AP art teacher, Kathleen Harte Gilsenan.

Generously contributing to the scholarships- for their 12th year- were the owners of Jerry’s Artists Outlet of West Orange, Allen and Bonnie Shefts. Their commitment to Millburn-Short Hills Art Advisory committee was able to continue with a donation of free art supplies and gift certificates in the backpack gift bags.

Kings Catering Manager Kim Sullivan also provided a selection of delightful treats for the winners to complete the gift bags.

The winners had previously received official award certificates and the committee thanks Mayor Lieberberg and Jess Alameda from the Millburn Township Clerk’s Office for signing, typing and mailing them to each winner.

The committee also thanks Millburn HS AP art teacher, Kathleen Harte Gilsenan for hosting AAC portfolio review earlier this year. AAC Committee members Donna Davis, Amy McGovern, Victoria Plummer and Pamela Polifron reviewed all eligible portfolios at the Millburn High School shortly before the school district was closed due to coronavirus.

It is hoped the winning students’ artworks will be shown at the Millburn Free Public Library later this year, as it has in past years.

2020 Millburn-Short Hills Art Advisory Committee Scholarship Winners:

Jordyn Axelrod
Ishani Juneja
Gabrielle Stoller

Eden Elder
Olivia Regan
Katherine Regan
Isabella Ries
Betty Zheng




About Millburn-Short Hills Arts Advisory Committee

The Millburn-Short Hills Arts Advisory Committee, a volunteer non-profit, has been in existence since 1998. We are a group of township residents and local advisors who are committed to enhancing the arts in Millburn Township.
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