Landmarks Art Show: up for 2 more weeks

Here are a few images from the installation of the 19th Annual Landmarks show, on display in the Millburn Library Gallery until October 30th. Laraine Barach, chair of the Millburn- Short Hills Art Advisory Committee,  begins planning the show one year in advance.  Placement of the artworks is based on”SCENARIOS ” created with contributing Artists submissions.

Harold Lefkowitz and Nick Rizzo

Donna Davis, Orna Greenberg, Harold Lefkowitz, and Kathi Hecht

Donna Davis, Orna Greenberg and Nick Rizzo

Orna Greenberg, Laraine Barach and Amy McGovern

Kathi Hecht’s Fused Glass on display

Laraine Barach and Amy McGovern

Orna Greenberg and Amy McGovern flanking “Market Street” by William F. Cone

About Millburn-Short Hills Arts Advisory Committee

The Millburn-Short Hills Arts Advisory Committee, a volunteer non-profit, has been in existence since 1998. We are a group of township residents and local advisors who are committed to enhancing the arts in Millburn Township.
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