Art Advisory Contributor Erin Barach Celebrated

Erin Barach

Art Advisory contributor Erin Barach has a series of 11 original works on exhibition in a solo show at New York’s Greenwich Village Landmark The Historic Cornelia Cafe.

50 guests joined Erin at a reception Tuesday night hosted by cafe owner Robin Hirsch. The cafe not only boasts a beautiful gallery room, but also has a performance space. The performance space is now an official non-profit in its own right.

AAC members, advisors, and previous scholarship winners Kathi Hecht, Cathy Scorsese, Laraine Barach, David Koh, and Emma Quong joined with colleagues in the New York  and New Jersey art communities at the event.

The exhibition will be up until August 29.

Erin Barach Solo Show
Cornelia Street Café
29 Cornelia Street, NYC

In front of the Cornelia Street Cafe

Cathy Scorcese, Kathi Hecht, Laraine Barach, Erin Barach, Emma Quong and David Koh

Photos courtesy Steve Booth and Steven Barach


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