Art Advisory Committee Announces 2014 Winners for Millburn-Short Hills AP Scholarships

Millburn-Short Hills Art Advisory Committee has picked this year’s Senior Award of Merit AP Art winners and the Honorable Mention AP Art Students. Twelve students will be honored on May 19th 2014.


Front Row, Left to Right: Angela Jin, Charlie Ehrenfried, Anna Schott, Michelle Belgrod, Olivia Chou, Jay Chopra Back Row, Left to Right: Devika Kanagaraj, Jon Duan, Eugene Zeng, Natasha Baskin, Alana Yeager, Alex Ordonez

At the reception in their honor at the Millburn Free Public Library, friends and family will join the Committee in celebrating these AP candidates and their body of work. Artwork from their portfolios will be displayed at the library gallery for the month of May for the community to admire.

The Committee celebrates the AP Program and hopes in its 9th year that the people of Millburn join in support of the wisdom of this joint effort to celebrate Emerging Artists.

As always special thanks goes to the Committee Artists who judge each year, including Orna Greenberg, Amelia Mc Govern, Victoria Plummer, Andrew Permison, Oscar Peterson, Supporting Committee members; Judy Kramer, Donna Davis and Kathi Hecht; Senior Advisors Sandy Haimoff and Elaine Becker, Chairwoman,Laraine Barach and AP Teacher Kathleen Harte Gilsenan.

The winners in the three categories are:

Senior Scholarship Award:

Anna Schott     “An Audience is an Audience”

Jon Duan “Do You Do This Out of Love?”

Devika Kanagara “Plein Air #8”,

Natasha Baskin “Outdoor Still Life”

(Please click on images to enlarge)

Senior Honorable Mention:

Eugene Zeng   “Millburn”

Charlie Ehrenfried “Corey”

Alana Yeager “Book Series”

Michele Belgrod “Underground Munich”

Olivia Chou “Peeping Tom”

Junior Honorable Mention:

Alexander Ordonez   “George Washington Bridge”

Jay Chopra “Self Portrait”

Angela Jing “The Game” and “It’s 2AM again”



About Millburn-Short Hills Arts Advisory Committee

The Millburn-Short Hills Arts Advisory Committee, a volunteer non-profit, has been in existence since 1998. We are a group of township residents and local advisors who are committed to enhancing the arts in Millburn Township.
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