AAC Presents Scholarship Prizes to Art Winners

Although the traditional Art Advisory Committee Scholarship Ceremony Gala was unable to be held this year, the committee still found a special way to honor the eight award-winning students. Chairwoman Laraine Brennan Barach and committee member Michelle San Filippo delivered gift bags with gift certificates, awards and treats door to door to the homes of the five senior and three junior winners, as well as to HS AP art teacher, Kathleen Harte Gilsenan.

Generously contributing to the scholarships- for their 12th year- were the owners of Jerry’s Artists Outlet of West Orange, Allen and Bonnie Shefts. Their commitment to Millburn-Short Hills Art Advisory committee was able to continue with a donation of free art supplies and gift certificates in the backpack gift bags.

Kings Catering Manager Kim Sullivan also provided a selection of delightful treats for the winners to complete the gift bags.

The winners had previously received official award certificates and the committee thanks Mayor Lieberberg and Jess Alameda from the Millburn Township Clerk’s Office for signing, typing and mailing them to each winner.

The committee also thanks Millburn HS AP art teacher, Kathleen Harte Gilsenan for hosting AAC portfolio review earlier this year. AAC Committee members Donna Davis, Amy McGovern, Victoria Plummer and Pamela Polifron reviewed all eligible portfolios at the Millburn High School shortly before the school district was closed due to coronavirus.

It is hoped the winning students’ artworks will be shown at the Millburn Free Public Library later this year, as it has in past years.

2020 Millburn-Short Hills Art Advisory Committee Scholarship Winners:

Jordyn Axelrod
Ishani Juneja
Gabrielle Stoller

Eden Elder
Olivia Regan
Katherine Regan
Isabella Ries
Betty Zheng




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Congratulations to AAC Winners from Dr. Miron

The Art Advisory Committee is pleased to share this letter from Dr. Miron, Millburn High School Principal, congratulating this year’s award winners.

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Art Advisory Committee Announces 2020 High School Art Scholarship Award Winners

The Millburn-Short Hills Art Advisory committee is proud to announce its 2020 Art scholarship awards. Now in its 15th year, the program honors outstanding Millburn High School Senior and Junior AP Art students. This year, eight students were chosen for the honors.

The committee views every AP junior and seniors student’s portfolio and selects those that contain not only impressive individual pieces, but demonstrate an overall progression and high achievement. Winners are encouraged to remember their artistic roots in Millburn Township and previous winners return to share their stories and receive continued support from the committee.

Congratulations to all winners!  Click on artworks to enlarge.


Top Award: Jordyn Axelrod, Ishani Juneja


Award of Merit:  Eden Elder, Gabrielle Stoller 

Honorable Mention: Betty Zheng


Award of Merit:  Olivia Regan

Honorable Mention:  Isabella Ries, Katherine Regan

All future scholarship plans will be announced in the weeks to come.

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21st Annual Landmarks Show at the Millburn Library

The Art Advisory Committee’s 2019 “Landmarks” show opened at the Millburn Library on October 3rd, providing a fantastic view into the world of Millburn-Short Hills art, current and past.

Fourteen artists display their works, in media ranging from glass to steel, watercolor to oil, photography to printmaking. Many of the pieces are current works created by AAC artists and mentors. They are complemented by pieces from guest artists and those selected from the township’s vast permanent collection, which has been carefully archived and maintained by the committee. The show was curated by AAC Chair, Laraine Brennan Barach.  Enjoy the show through October 30 and come by to see the following artists’ work on display during library hours.

Art Advisory Members/Artists:

  • Erin Barach
  • Donna Davis
  • Kathi Hecht
  • Maren Less
  • Amy McGovern
  • Oscar Peterson

Guest Artists:

  • Perry Gittelson
  • Ben Rizzo
  • Laura San Filippo
  • Lenny Shapiro
  • Linda Wamsley

Permanent Collection:

  • Ann Michaels
  • Jorgenson

Millburn-Short Hills Art Advisory Committee presents: ”Landmarks”
Millburn Free Public Library
200 Glen Avenue
Millburn, NJ 07041


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AAC Joins Millwheel Display

The Millburn-Short Hills Art Advisory Committee was one of 24 local committees to display a decorated millwheel in the inaugural “Millwheels Rolling into Millburn” Festival. Held in Taylor Park on a glorious Saturday afternoon, the event attracted an energetic crowd.  Entertainment was provided by various groups on stage, while attendees could wander around the millwheels and learn more about township committees as well as local businesses.  The event was centered around celebrating diversity and the arts in the township.

Michelle San Filippo and Victoria Plummer, members from Art Advisory, were on hand with Artist Nena Jindal, who decorated the millwheel. Here they and Nina’s daughter admire the wheel from Art Advisory.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.




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Gala Event Honors AAC Scholarship Winners

The 14th Annual Art Advisory Committee Art Scholarship Awards were celebrated at the Millburn Library on May 21, 2019. This gala event began with the artworks on display in the library gallery, proceeded to a catered dinner, and culminated in the distribution of awards to the winning Millburn High School art students.

The 13 Seniors and Juniors were awarded gift certificates, art supplies, and other gifts. The evening also included two short films. The first honored Kathleen Harte Gilsenan, MHS AP Art Instructor, who has been an integral part of the scholarship program. She also received the Kruger Rhodes award at the Millburn Film Festival this year, and the tribute video created by Alex DeRosa from that event was shown. A short animated video, “All Together, Life is Beautiful”,  by previous Scholarship award winner Morgan Gruer was also screened.

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the awards by AAC Chair Laraine Brennan Barach. In her speech, she lauded the students for their talent and hard work, and encouraged them as the move on from Millburn. “Life is also a canvas. Fill it with what you love and your art will flourish!”

The AAC thanks Mary Weber and Kathleen Harte Gilsenan of the MHS Art Department, Michael Banick and the entire staff at the Millburn Free Public Library, Allen and Bonnie Shefts of Jerry’s Artist Outlet, John Matarazo of Jalm Short Hills, Nick and Brenda Rizzo of Nicholas Rizzo Fine Arts, Cathy Scorcese Productions, Print Media, Millburn Camera, Kings Catering, Stephanie Murphy of Greenwood Gardens, The Millburn Short Hills Historical Society, Janis Werner for technical assistance, Jon Sym for publicity, Laura San Fillippo for photography, and Rich Galiano, piano player.

The artworks will remain on display in the library gallery through May 28, 2019.

Photography by Laura San Fillippo. Additional photography Steve Barach and Victoria Plummer.

Please click on any photo to start slideshow

Video “All Together, Life is Beautiful” by Morgan Gruer follows photos


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“Point of Origin” Now on Display at Millburn Library

“Point of Origin”, one of the Millburn-Short Hills Art Advisory Committee’s annual art shows, is now on display in the Millburn Library Gallery. This exhibition features current scholarship winning artworks from the Millburn High School Art program as well as pieces from established artists with ties to Millburn.

By hanging the artworks together, the committee highlights Millburn as the “Point of Origin” for these young artists who will soon make their ways out into the world  – while showing the life long commitment to art and diversity of artistic talent that exists within Millburn.

This year’s show will be up until May 28, featuring the following artists:

Senior Highest Honors Recipients: Maggie Ma and Maya Gangan

Senior AP Honorable Mentions: Emily Wolf, Amisha Kalra, Sean Huang, Nikki Levy

Junior Award of Merit: Annie Tan, Betty Zheng, Alex De Rosa, Morgan Osmun, Timothy Hong, Kate Lama, Eden Elder, Jordyn Axelrod

Millburn Mentor Artists: Mahendra Shah, Katrina Bello, Ben Rizzo, Lenny Shapiro, Jackie San Filipo

AAC members and advisors: Maren Less, Erin Barach, Donna Davis, and Oscar Peterson

“Point of Origin” Art Show

Millburn HS AP Art Scholarship Winning Artworks and Millburn-related pieces
Millburn Free Public Library
200 Glen Avenue, Millburn
May 1 – 28, 2019

(Click on any photo below to open full size slideshow)

Photos by Laura San Fillipo and Steve Barach

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Art Advisory Committee’s 14h Annual “Point Of Origin” Art Exhibit opens May 1

Alongside this year’s Millburn High School Art Scholarship selections, nine guest artists with roots in Millburn will be featured at the “Point of Origin” show at the Millburn Library Gallery. The show will run May 1 -28.

The Millburn HS Art Scholarship winners list can be found here.

The additional works from guest artists include:

  • Intricate Indian pieces by master artist Mahendra Shah
  • AAC Artist in Residence and International Artist /speaker Katrina Bello’s paintings capturing mystical nature
  • Millburn artist Ben Rizzo’s view of the beginning of life in the Pacific basin – his floating Hawaiian Islands
  • Lenny Shapiro’s Life Ascending the Heights, a contemporary steel sculpture
  • Jackie San Filipo’s Game of Thrones interpretation

AAC members and advisors Maren Less, Erin Barach, Donna Davis, and Oscar Peterson will have works on display.

“Point of Origin” Art Show

Millburn HS AP Art Scholarship Winning Artworks and Millburn-related pieces
Millburn Free Public Library
200 Glen Avenue, Millburn
May 1 – 28, 2019

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8th Annual Millburn Film Fest Celebrates Student Films

On Friday April 26, the 8th Annual Millburn Film Festival was held at Millburn High School. The top films from this year’s Middle and High School student entries were screened to an enthusiastic audience. This year, twelve films were presented.  The Art Advisory Committee was proud to serve as judges again for this year’s competition.

In addition, AP Lead Art Teacher Kathleen Harte-Gilsenan received this year’s Krueger-Rhodes Award. This award honors a member of the community who has shown a commitment to enhancing education through the arts and film.

Congratulations to all the filmmakers and Ms. Harte-Gilsenan!

This year’s winners were:
After the Beep (Jessica Yeager, Kyle Farscht, Matthew Green and Danielle Benna) First Place
Great White (Stephanie Bai) Second Place
A Sensation (Kyle Farscht) and Into the Wild (Rachel Solomon, Paulina Sonza, Sema Madahar) Tied for 3rd Place

Bottle (Daniel Lee)
Diamond in the Rough (Al Daver, Jordan Model)
Dollface (Alex DeRosa)
Dream Sequence (Daniel Lee)
Drive (Kyle Farscht)
Faded (Carli Platt)
Left & Right (Daniel Sirota)
You Reap What You Sow (Jacob Updyke)

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Art Advisory Committee Proudly Announces 2019 Art Scholarship Winners

The Millburn-Short Hills Art Advisory Committee members completed their 2019 Senior and Junior AP art student portfolio review. Each year, the committee awards scholarships to the students with portfolios demonstrating skill, growth, and a commitment to art. This year, the 14th Annual Scholarship event, six seniors and ten juniors received awards.

The students will be honored at a gala reception in May at the Millburn Library where they will receive their awards. Also during the month of May, each student’s winning artwork will be on display in a show open to the public in the Millburn Library Gallery.

Senior Winners

Senior Highest Honors Recipients:
Maggie Ma
Maya Gangan

Senior AP Honorable Mentions:

Emily Wolf
Amisha Kalra
Sean Huang
Nikki Levy

Junior Winners

Junior Award of Merit:
Annie Tan
Betty Zheng
Alex De Rosa
Morgan Osmun
Timothy Hong
Kate Lama
Eden Elder
Jordyn Axelrod


Junior Honorable Mention:
Caroline Vestergaard
Yizhe Zhang

(Click on any photo below to open full size slideshow with artist names)


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